TRIANNI Supports Immunology Program in Developing Regions

San Francisco, CA, USA., Feb 7, 2018 –Trianni, Inc. (“TRIANNI”) announced their support of the Education Committee of International Union of Immunological Societies program that offers immunology courses in developing regions.

A course on “How viruses hijack the host immunity leading to disease” to be held in Nairobi/Kenya in September 2018 is organized by The Education Committee of International Union of Immunological Societies and is available to students and post docs from East Africa who would not under typical circumstances be able to attend immunology courses offered in the US or Europe. TRIANNI’s monetary donation will go to support the organizational costs associated with this course, including allowing students to attend free of charge. It will also support their learning platform “Immunopeadia” which supports the student’s education of the course.

“Trianni is very fortunate to be able to offer our support to this important course”, noted Trianni CEO, Matthias Wabl, “It is important to us that any student with interests in Immunology, no matter their location be able to get the same quality education as offered in developed countries.”

About the Education Committee (EDU) of International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS)

The IUIS Education Committee is mandated to help organizing immunology courses in the developing world. The courses are aimed at discussing issues and problems that are pertinent to the developing world while providing an update on relevant current issues and technologies in Immunology.

We primarily support attendance and participation of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and young investigators. We also support attendance and participation of students and young immunologists from the developing world to well established Immunology courses held in other countries. Most educators implicated feel that participation in a targeted course taught by local and international speakers and with a relatively low number of participants is the best way to contribute to dissemination of immunology and implementation of effective laboratory practice in the developing world. For more information visit our website.