Trianni, Inc. Announces Issuance of Patent in Japan

San Francisco, CA, USA., Feb. 28, 2019 –Trianni, Inc. (“TRIANNI”) announced today that the Japan Patent Office granted the patent for TRIANNI’s leading technology, The Trianni Mouse™. The Trianni Mouse is a transgenic mouse R&D platform for the discovery of fully-human monoclonal antibodies.

”This patent is an important addition to our intellectual property portfolio, providing protection to our proprietary technology in Japan’s diverse market.” remarked Dr. Matthias Wabl, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of TRIANNI. “The issuance recognizes TRIANNI’s unique approach of using chemically synthesized large DNA fragments with sequences non-existent in nature over traditional methods. Designed in silico, these fragments are modified versions of the mouse immunoglobulin loci, with human exons embedded in mouse control regions and intergenic DNA.”