TRIANNI Announces Launch of Its Optimized Human Antibody Transgenic Mouse

Emeryville, California – TRIANNI, Inc., a Californian biotechnology company, announced today the launch of its TRIANNI Mouse, a monoclonal antibody discovery platform optimized for isolation of best-in-class therapeutic candidates.

Monoclonal antibodies are the most successful biologic therapeutics on the market. More than thirty have been approved for use in humans and hundreds are currently undergoing testing in clinical trials for a broad range of clinical conditions. Among the options currently available for therapeutic antibody discovery, transgenic mice, such as the TRIANNI Mouse, are unmatched in their suitability for meeting pharmaceutical research needs.

The TRIANNI Mouse is an advanced transgenic platform featuring highly engineered antibody genes, generated using state-of-the-art DNA synthesis and genome modification methodology. It replicates the full antibody-producing capacity – or repertoire – of a human being, and features many enhancements designed to improve its performance as a discovery vehicle. TRIANNI’s technology represents a significant and highly distinctive advance over existing human antibody transgenic mouse platforms.

The TRIANNI Mouse platform is now available, with additional variations to follow in the first half of 2014.

TRIANNI is actively seeking partnerships with interested biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. For further information on the technology, please visit

About the TRIANNI Mouse Antibody Discovery Platform

TRIANNI took a radically different approach to generating its transgenic mouse platform. This began with the design and chemical synthesis of novel chimeric antibody ‘gene segments’ each composed of human antibody-coding information combined directly with mouse regulatory information. Well over a hundred distinct segments were assembled into large arrays, which were then embedded in the mouse genome in place of their normal mouse counterparts. The outcome was antibody genes that are optimized for function in the mouse yet nonetheless express a full repertoire of human variable domains. The TRIANNI mouse that carries these unique genes is a validated platform ideal for the isolation of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

About Trianni

TRIANNI was formed in 2010 with the sole focus of developing and distributing its optimized antibody discovery platform, The TRIANNI Mouse. It has been funded throughout from private sources. The company has administrative and research facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Germany, respectively. Its executive team includes academic molecular immunologists and business development personnel with successful track records in biotechnology.

Michael Greenberg, Chief Business Officer Phone: +1 650-530-0640