Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate

We are seeking a Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate for our lab in South San Francisco, to help with designing, testing, and validating our next-generation mouse strains in the pipeline. To apply, please send CV and cover letter via email to

Responsibilities of the Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate position include:

  • Designing and cloning gene expression vectors
  • Transfecting and/or transducing mammalian cell lines with engineered vectors and characterizing the expressed proteins
  • Characterizing lymphocyte development and functions in our next-generation mouse strains
  • Participating in weekly scientific discussions with the team
  • Recording and documenting laboratory notes and experimental progress

Required education:

  • BS in Biology or related discipline
  • Knowledge of basic immunology concepts equivalent to an undergraduate upper-division immunology course

Preferred qualifications:

  • At least 2 years of laboratory experience in an academic or industrial setting
  • Experience with ex vivo phenotyping of mouse immune cells via flow cytometry
  • Competence in mammalian tissue culture techniques including transfection and transduction
  • Competence in standard molecular biology techniques including PCR, DNA/RNA purification, molecular cloning, and gene expression analysis
  • Competence in standard protein biology techniques such as western blotting and ELISA
  • Ability to work independently in carrying out experimental tasks while collaborating with other scientists in the team
  • Willingness to learn and tackle difficult experimental challenges